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What happens to the brain during depression?

What happens to the brain during depressionYou know how dangerous depression can be, and to understand how it can ruin you, you must first understand that
what is depression 
Many situations related to the increase or decrease of the person, which include depression or two proprietary disorders.
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Depression refers to the sadness of emotions in the field of psychology.
 It is known as disease or syndrome. Mostly this stage is serious about the person's love affair. 
 In any person's life, too much attachment towards their life partner is the main or the biggest reason. In a state of depression, the person feels helpless and depressed.  Happiness peace, success, happiness, even relationships for that person-person become meaningless. It involves dishonest nature, abusive speech and excessive suspicion of dishonesty in relationships.
 During this time, she is seen everywhere as despair, tension, unrest, anorexia. The physical…
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How to stop negative thoughts from entering your mind?

How to negative thoughts from entering your mindHello friends, Nowdays people who are victims of negativity will meet you in large numbers, keeping in mind that today, how have we brought to you how to stop negative thinking.

We all live like a car and the mirror of this vehicle is our thinking, our behavior, our attitude.
 In childhood, this glass is very clear.  But as we grow older.  Because of the people around us, because of our environment, because of our loved ones, our confidence in ourselves changes.
 That means due to the people on this glass, due to the atmosphere, dust, dirt, garbage gets accumulated due to itself.  And we have accepted this dusty, dust-filled, garbage-filled mirror as our reality.  We have forgotten to clean the mirror somewhere.
 We have agreed to something, we have given up in front of some desires, we have given up some dreams.  We have accepted some things.
 For example, I feel that I cannot do business because I have no money (self-made trust).
Somebody thi…

How to develop a postive attitude

You are a mind with a body!"
Because you're a mind, you possess mystical powers — powers
known and unknowns.

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Althoughthis particular machine is that the sublime handiwork of Divine Power —
you own it. How is it made? Well, among other things, it is
comprised of over 80 trillion electrical cells. Naturally, it's many component parts. and every part is in itself an electrical
mechanism. And one part is an electrical marvel.

Yet it weighs only fifty ounces. Its mechanism consists of over 10 billion cells, which
generate, receive, record, and transmit energy.